We bring you this wonderful option for last minute celebrations.
Our garlands come in standard sizes, ready to install yourself.
They are perfect for birthdays, graduations, company parties or family gatherings.

place your order and you just have to choose the best option for you and choose the colors.

  • 3.5 ft $52,99

    3.5 ft organic garland with approximately 30 balloons 12'' to 5'' border in 3 colors

  • 6 ft $79,99

    6 ft organic garland with approximately 55 balloons 16'' to 5'' border in 4 colors

  • 8.5 ft $119.99

    8.5 ft organic garland with approximately 110 balloons ranging in size from 16'' - 5'' and lime textured latex balloon 4 colors

Decorative details have a value from $2 to $20

These prices do not include taxes and do not include pickup or delivery (cost per delivery is $2.5 per mile)

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